The price list valid for all offered services (in CZK)

 Standard translation and subtitles
 1.2 CZK/source word
 Additional charge for express translation, complex or poorly legible texts
 and texts that need complex formatting and editing
 Additional charge for subtitles without dialogue sheet
 Thorough text proofreading  59 CZK/SP
 Text transcription into electronic form  39 CZK/SP
 Teaching  240 CZK/h
 Additional charge for transport  by distance
 Discount for regular customers  -5%
 Quantity discount  -5%
 Translation, subtitles and proofreading for non-profit organization - up to 5 SP/month

Note: SP = standard page = 1800 characers
          Prices are approximate only. The final price depends on concrete order.
          Discounts can be combined



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