Translation and Subtitles

Experience above all

  • Actively translating since 2014
  • External translator in
  • External translator in
  • Cooperation with Argo publishing house on the Minority Report collection of short stories.

Text types and their processing

  • I mainly specialise in technical texts, IT, manuals and web pages, however, I am able to translate nearly all kinds of texts, including fiction.
  • I use modern CAT (computer-aided translation) tools, which help me provide the clients with high-quality translations.

I handle all translation with maximum care.



  • Translation and timing of the Greedy Lying Bastards documentary for the AFO 2014 festival.

Technologies used and offer

  • If the source subtitles are available, I translate them using CAT tools or the Subtitle Edit software.
  • I am also able to make subtitles by listening to the source audio in case the dialogue sheet is not available. I solely use Subtitle Edit in such cases.
  • I make subtitles according to the standard parameters in order to achieve their highest readability and to communicate the principal information of the spoken word.
  • Naturally, I translate both ways, which means CZ<=>EN.